Twitter was basically invented as the place to say anything that’s on your mind, without much second-guessing. Which is why it once again provided us with some of the most cringe-worthy and shocking moments of the year, with everything from great hashtags that put a halt to government policies to ensuring that the democratic process is free and fair. Twitter played a huge role in Africa throughout 2015.

Twitter also provided us with some world class entertainment this year. 2015 was jam packed with outrageous statements, as feuds started, quashed and re-started 140 characters at a time.

Here’s a look back at four of the craziest fights, social media bashings and all-out brawls of 2015:


Nigerians and Ghanaian have always been long time Twitter fighters, so it’s no surprise to see them on the list. Over the years both nations have provided us with great meme’s and comic relief through their bashings on social media. Whether its over who makes better Jollof rice or which nation has better beauties or just for the fun of it, we were certainly entertained by both nations.

Sometime for both nations, it was just about bashing with no central theme as to why the tweet fights are taking place.


The online war by the South Africans and Kenyans was another tweet battle to that drew the attention of the continent. In case you missed it, the tweet war was initiated by a Kenyan tweep and became hilarious as both nations took turns to lash out at each other.


This year Nigerians and Kenyans engaged in a hilarious war of meme’s. In what would be a two day ‘tweef’ war as it was called, initiated by Kenyan Johnny Gachanja was probably the biggest tweet battle of 2015.

And Nigerians joined the tweef and so the battle began


Kenyans and Zimbabweans twitter fight broke after a Kenyan news outlet published a false article saying that Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe had made a defamatory comment about Kenyans. The report has however been discredited. They quoted Mugabe as saying

“Those people of East Africa shock me with their wizardry in stealing. Sometimes I tend to believe that stealing is in every Kenyan’s blood….You can even think that there is a subject in their universities called Bachelor of Stealing”.

Kenyans didn’t find the comment funny and came for Zimbabweans on Twitter.

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