The efficiency of transportation is an essential factor in ensuring the growth and development of any economy or business. It serves as a valuable gauge to analyze capacity for growth, as well as plays an important role in our daily lives as human beings. Transportation allows for the movement of people, goods, services, and other materials from one place to another.

With inadequate or inefficient transportation systems, a society cannot function optimally as simple but necessary tasks such as journeying to work, school, meetings, appointments, business transactions, travelling, and even providing social services will be impeded. Efficient transportation is highly important for business decision-making and access to everything for economic success.

The inefficiencies in Nigeria’s transportation infrastructure have stalled the necessary growth of the commerce sector and the economy, impacting the country’s attractiveness for foreign direct investments. Local businesses struggle to stay afloat due to obvious barriers to mobility such as high petrol costs and rising transportation fees. Their overhead expenses are growing in an already shrinking economy, which has caused many businesses to reallocate necessary transportation and logistics funds to other departments.

This reallocation can impact employee satisfaction, and in the long run, as well as service delivery to customers. To counter these transportation challenges for businesses and support Nigerian organisations as they service their customers, Bolt expanded its service offerings in 2019 to include the Bolt Business features. The feature was launched to support the efficiency of SMEs, large private businesses, and other corporate offices in Nigeria.

Bolt Business is a solution-based offering that allows the management of all travel-related processes and logistics for an organisation, all from a single hub. It offers the ability to control, manage, and pay for all business-related work trips, all from a single account. From SMEs to multinational organisations, Bolt Business’ innovative and distinct services improve mobility for businesses and customers alike with a bonus of reduction in travel costs. Data has shown that with Bolt Business, companies can spend up to 30% less on business trips when compared to regular taxi rides.

The leading mobility platform is focused on creating a sustainable city by easing mobility for Nigerians, of which the Bolt Business feature is an example. Bolt Business offers fast, convenient, and affordable business rides. The service has recorded significant traction from top corporate offices and other private businesses in Nigeria because it helps them efficiently manage and pay for corporate trips via a single and easy-to-use portal.

How does Bolt Business work?

The Bolt Business platform allows an organisation to create an account where their teams can book rides, as well as keep track of the routes and expenses of the company’s business travels and trips.

  1. A team member will need to set up a Bolt Business team account in which they’ll be able to add and deactivate riders, as well as manage other policies that control the usage of the offering. Employees can be organised into groups with varying usage and spending limits.
  2. Once added employees will be able to switch the payment method to the team account when they need to make business trips.
  3. Bolt Business account handles the payments and invoices automatically — allowing your team members to focus on more important things.

Benefits of Bolt Business

Some of the benefits of the Bolt Business service include but are not limited to:

  • The Bolt Business offering helps businesses efficiently manage the transportation of their employees on official duties. The admin can manage business trip activities, expenses, and reporting in one dashboard.
  • Bolt has wide coverage across Nigeria operating in every major city in the country. Wherever the team travels for business operations, they can use Bolt Business for their convenience.
  • The whole team can have access to the company account which allows any member of the team to utilise the service at any time. The admin can also book a ride for a team member by entering the destination and a little personal information about the passenger, the desired ride type, and the pick-up time and location. Before the driver arrives, the passenger will get an SMS letting them know who is picking them up and when.
  • Accounting for the trips is quite efficient as the dashboard gives a breakdown of all billings whenever it’s needed thanks to Bolt Business’ automated billing system.
  • Safety is at the core of Bolt’s essence. This is also captured in the Bolt Business service which allows employees to benefit from an all-in-one solution that makes it easier for everyone to get around safely thanks to Bolt’s capabilities.

With this innovative offering for businesses, Bolt further solidifies its position as the leading platform in Nigeria’s ride-hailing market with unmatched competence in providing safe, fast, and affordable transportation services for both individuals and organisations. Bolt Business will revolutionise transportation processes by ensuring convenience, reducing time, and expanding opportunities for the public.

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