One of the world’s largest aerospace manufacturers, Boeing has partnered with another top electric aircraft company, Kitty Hawk to develop its “flying taxi” plan called Cora. Just like Uber and any other ride-hailing app, customers might be able to order Cora.

This new technological advancement is set to transform the aviation space and proffer a solution to mobility issues such as traffic jams. According to the Vice President of Boeing NeXt, Steve Nordlund, he talks about this partnership and its prospects,

“Working with a company like Kitty Hawk brings us closer to our goal of safely advancing the future of mobility. We have a shared vision of how people, goods, and ideas will be transported in the future, as well as the safety and regulatory ecosystem that will underpin that transportation” he said.

The brain behind the idea of Cora, Kitty Hawk also took to its Twitter page to announce how thrilled the company is about this collaboration.

This strategic partnership which will have an adverse effect on both companies is coming at a time when Boeing might be experiencing a decline in growth, especially after the global ban on one of its best-seller aircrafts, 737 Max.

A few months ago, one of Africa’s largest carriers Ethiopian Airlines and Indonesian airline, Lion Air suffered a plane crash with Boeing’s 737 max airplane and since then several investigations, allegations and lawsuits have followed the safety of its (Boeing) products.

The Washington Post reports a 10 percent drop in Boeing’s earnings, which in turn took a toll on the business. The company which might be facing a few setbacks due to this, hence this partnership might be a means of proving itself and a distraction from the ongoing crisis. Hopefully, Cora will be developed with the required safety measures.

Cora which has already been reported to have made tremendous growth in New Zealand flies at 110 miles per hour at altitude anywhere from 500 to 3,000 feet and makes use of electricity.

Even though both companies have not clearly stated full details of this development and when they might be launching, we look forward to it soon enough.


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