Nigeria’s biggest trading company, Dangote Group, is partnering with  AFL, a leading global manufacturer of fibre optic cable to the electric utility market, in a multi-million project to connect Africa’s most populous nation with other parts of the world.

“A $120-million Nigerian project to connect Africa’s most populous nation with a high-speed, high-capacity fiber optic network translates into jobs continents apart – from the Upstate to the United Kingdom to Africa and places in between,” reports Dick Hughes  of Journal Watchdog.

According to Boye Olusanya, the Managing Director of Dangote, AFL, a Duncan, South Carolina based company, will supply more than 1,300 miles of Skywrap, a fibre cable that can be wrapped around existing overhead lines, making way for a faster and easier installation through Nigeria’s rugged terrain that spans rain forest in the south to sub-Saharan desert in the north.

The project will involve more than 3000KM of fibre while the network will serve as a backbone for broadband data communication that will put Nigeria at a higher level, over other nations.

Dangote has already completed about 750KM in Nigeria’s tropical south and southeast and is ready to begin construction in the sub-Saharan north.

The company is expected to leverage the broadband network, which it will operate as a wholesale supplier for other users to take connectivity on retail.

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