As we round up the year, Ventures Africa is putting a spotlight on unique individuals and businesses, who despite the pandemic and economic downturn, made a difference by either creating local solutions or providing valuable services within their immediate communities. This collection of stories is also our very first VA Ladder issue- a compelling multimedia series.

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T Spices Kitchen takes us through the creation of food content while simplifying recipes for Nigerians

Oluwatosin Samuel is an accidental content creator who is creating simple food recipes for Nigerians on social media. According to her, what started out as a hobby has blossomed into a successful and rewarding business. In an interview with Ventures Africa she talks about building a thriving food brand and what keeps her going irrespective of certain challenges. Listen to our podcast discussion here.

Meet EBlack Jewel, the tailoring brand on a mission to restore credibility in Nigeria’s fashion space 

Ventures Africa recently discovered EBlack Jewel, a unique men’s tailoring brand in Ogudu, Lagos, dedicated to changing he narrative about tailoring in Nigeria. During a chat with Ebieritei Itaita, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the startup, he emphasized that the brand seeks to establish trust and effective communication with customers while paying detailed attention to tailoring customers thoughts to life. Although tailoring was not his first love, the need to drive an ethical change in the industry has created a new passion in his heart. Read  the full interview here.

How Omoregie Osakporlor is using photography to preserve culture and recreate stories of the average Nigerian

Lagos based documentary photographer, Omoregie Osakpolor is using his art for two core purposes-to preserve culture and to capture underreported stories of everyday Nigerians. Since venturing into this space, Osakplolor has shown exceptional interest in creating photo documentaries and films. Click here to read about him and view his work.

Nigerian SME, Mekino shares insight on surviving 2020 and beyond in the Nigerian market

In the global market, 2020 was a tough and challenging year for most businesses. It was a also the year that tested the resilience of brands- particularly in terms of the stiff competition between foreign and locally-made products. Nigeria’s economy was a practical example.  “The lockdown grounded our entire business operations. Everything was on a standstill. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic paralyzed our entire business activity,” explained Usman Aliyu, Co-Founder & Director of Business Operations, Marketing and Sales, Mekino. The company strives to promote made-in-Nigeria products such as leather works, soaps, deodorants, disinfectants and lots more.

Click here to read Abuja-based SME, Mekino’s inspiring story.

Mercurie’s Managing Director, Damola Bangboye discusses building a business image in the modern world

In today’s business world, a company’s image is just as important as the functionality of its products. This is why only companies that adopt relevant guiding principles are able to create a compelling image to remain strong competitors in the business space. For instance, successful companies such as Apple or Coca-Cola have long proven the paramount status of a brand’s image. In an exclusive interview with Ventures Africa, Damola Bangboye, Managing Director at Mercurie, a software and marketing technology company on a mission to accelerate Africa’s digital economy, shares some insight on image creation in today’s world. Read here.

Pearl Recycling’s simple but creative approach towards tackling climate change in Nigeria

Pearl Recycling is a green innovation social enterprise whose aim is to create job opportunities through the creative reuse of solid waste. With a focus on the production of sustainable eco-friendly furniture and decor made from waste, the brand has trained and empowered 9800 people, sensitized 3 million people, saved 2000 tonnes of solid waste, and donated 418 chairs to schools. Click here to read more about the company’s work and what makes them unique.


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