unveiled its economic blueprint on Thursday, saying it would create jobs and attract billions in investment to the country.

The country’s economy has been stagnant for more than a decade as the ruling party and its leader President Robert Mugabe adopted dictatorial policies to run the country.

Tsvangirai, speaking at the launch of the economic blueprint dubbed Jobs, Upliftment, Investment Capital and the Environment (Juice), said Zimbabwe desperately needed new domestic and foreign investment in order to increase capital formation.

Through Juice, the MDC promised to create one million new jobs between 2013-2018.

According to Fin24, it also projects average growth rate of 8 percent per annum between 2013-2018 and promises a $100bn first world economy by 2040 among other things.

According to the economic blueprint seen by Fin24, the MDC says it has to generate decent jobs for the young men and women that are leaving colleges and universities.

“The MDC believes that in order to spur sustainable economic growth, it is imperative to grow the national cake,” the party said adding that concentrating on sharing the existing small and diminishing cake is a recipe for disaster.

The MDC lambasted the current version of indigenisation which it said is tantamount to nationalisation and expropriation and it is clearly a political gimmick by Zanu PF.


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