27-year-old Nigerian, Zeze Oriaikhi returned to Africa from the UK in 2009 with a dream to change the perception of the African cosmetics market and, with the successful launch of her company Malee Natural Science and the recent opening of a store in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, it seems that dream has been realised.

After living in the UK for twelve years, Oriaikhi returned to Africa when her partner relocated to South Africa in 2009. There she fulfilled her dream of creating a world-class African beauty range which was environmentally kind and sustainable. Malee Natural Science has since established itself as an up scale eco-luxury line, earning rave reviews in high-end hotels and magazines such as Elle and Marie Claire. She was inspired to develop the new line after she realised that western products being used by Africans were not suitable to the continent’s climate.

“There was nothing wrong with the products that I was using because they were fine when I lived in England,” she says. “I moved here and they weren’t fine, which meant actually they weren’t designed for this climate.”

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