Once upon a time, it was okay to simply move into a neighbourhood in Lagos hoping for the best, but that has changed now. You can no longer boast of getting all you want in a neighbourhood with ease. A result of this knowing precisely where to live in Lagos requires a good knowledge of what the neighbourhood has to offer.

Rather than putting yourself through the hassle of searching for old friends and family members who know a thing or two about a particular area in Lagos an online real estate platform, Private Property has come up with the Lagos Neighborhood Guides which helps answer specific questions about where to live in Lagos. It tells you what each neighbourhood has to offer, the history, road network, peculiar traffic situation and other germane information about some of the most popular neighbourhoods within the Lagos metropolis.

“The neighbourhood guides offer any interested property buyer or renter very detailed insights into what each neighbourhood has to offer. They look into the lifestyle of the people who live there, what the roads look like, how to move around the neighbourhood, the bars, the restaurants, options of places to go shopping, the public transportation system, the types of properties available for rent and so much more. The guides also have lots of images that let you see what the neighbourhoods look like,” said Ibironke Wickliffe, the Campaign Manager, Private Property.

The five neighbourhood covered in the Lagos neighbourhood Guide are Lekki, Ikeja, Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Ajah. The neighbourhood guides capture each neighbourhood in very realistic detail, from the high-rise architecture that defines in Victoria Island to the beautiful array of beaches and outdoor options in Lekki.

The details about the neighbourhoods highlighted in the guides include:

  • The character and culture
  • The history
  • Essential amenities available in each neighbourhood including schools, libraries, healthcare providers and the community
  • Restaurants, bars, lounges and nightclubs
  • Outdoor options
  • Historical landmarks like museums
  • Quotes from residents and business owners on their own perceptions of the neighbourhood
  • Fun facts about each neighbourhood
  • The best ways to get around each neighbourhood
  • Properties for rent and sale


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