Nduka Obaigbena, publisher of Nigeria-based THISDAY newspaper and global style, fashion and culture magazine, Arise, on Monday ‘soft launched’ two international 24-hour TV stations, ARISE NEWS and ARISE 360, headquartered in New York.

Arise News

“ARISE NEWS, will have a strong African footprint and serve underserved communities in the USA and other parts of the world, supported by a further eight bureaux around the globe stretching from Beijing to Rio de Janeiro,” CP-Africa, a pan-African online publication, said.

Arise 360

ARISE 360, which will begin broadcast later in the year, is an entertainment-based station which will feature fashion, music, sports and pay per view movies.

Chairman and Editor in Chief of ARISE NEWS and ARISE 360, Mr Obaigbena said: ‘We will attract a global audience interested in emerging markets, developing countries and evolving politics. With headquarters and bureaux throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, we are ready to speak to our audience and give them a voice as well.

Commenting, Lyne Pitts, head of the media’s US operation and former Vice President of NBC News and an Executive Producer with CBS America said: “We want to present programming that truly reflects the voices of America, not just a small slice but the racial, ethnic and socio-economic diversity of this country.

“From that perspective ARISE NEWS will cover all issues education, health, politics and the criminal justice system. From Main Street to Wall Street, from the G8 to the Grammy’s.”

A former Reuters bureau chief, Nigerian born John Chiahemen, has been appointed Managing Editor and Head of Africa operation.

Also, a former Sky News anchorwoman and business correspondent, South African born Heather Scott, will be ARISE NEWS’ roving anchor and correspondent.

According to CP-Africa,  ARISE NEWS was welcomed at the recently concluded World Economic Forum at Davos, by senior politicians and business leaders around the globe.

The publication quoted Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown as saying: ‘The future is in the hands of young Africans themselves. The more channels like yours (ARISE NEWS) that can make young people proud of Africa, the more we’ll see young people seizing the opportunity.’

Former Sky News Business Editor, Michael Wilson, said: “In the last decade Africa’s overall growth rates have quietly approached those of Asia. According to projections from the IMF, on average Africa will have the world’s fastest growing economy of any country over the next five years. ARISE News will uniquely cover the changing face of Africa with in depth analysis.”

ARISE News is broadcasting across Europe on SKY Channel 234. The ‘soft launch’ which began on Monday is planned to lead to a full broadcast operation in March.


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