As the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations draw nearer, owners of the media rights for the competition LC2- AFNEX have sought to clarify issues related to television and radio broadcast rights in the country.

According to the French media company in a press statement, “these rights are owned by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and have been granted through a license (to) LC2 Media – AFNEX.” Also, LC2 insists it has “exclusivity, for Television and Radio broadcasting via Terrestrial TV and satellite by free TV in every language and especially on Nigerian territory.”

LC2 has also sort to warn the general public in general and particularly advertising agencies about those it called “usurpers” who it believes are “trying to sell these Television and Radio broadcasting rights or related advertising spaces in Nigeria.”

The rights owners insist that “only television stations and media (who) purchased sub license Television and Radio rights to CCFOOT Ltd will be legally allowed to broadcast in Nigeria.”

LC2 also stressed “that all acts of piracy (marketing or audiovisual) infringe on the CAF and CAF licensee’s rights equally (and) all acts of privacy weaken the sporting event and its organiser and therefore puts at a great risk Africa’s sports economics.”

The 2013 AFCON tournament in South Africa is scheduled to begin on the 19th of January and run till the 10th of February next year.


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