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InTaxiads, a digital advertising company, recently launched its unique taxi interior advertising in Lagos, the epicentre of commerce in Nigeria. This move by the company is aimed at giving it a headstart in the digital advertising ecosystem and also help its clients boost their businesses.

During the event which was held in Lagos, the company rolled out its plans for the new services as it further empowers over five thousand taxi drivers. The company revealed that digital screens which display advertisement of products and services offered by its customers will be screwed to headrests in taxis. These adverts will be clearly displayed for passengers who use taxis until they get to their destinations.

While launching the service in Lagos, Amina Eniola Ayeni, InTaxiads Managing Director said the taxi-marketing strategy will give companies aiming to widen its scope reach more customer “maximum exposure.” She added that with the platform, advertisements would generate more impression and provide clients with the ability to also monitor their campaign.

A notable highlight during the launch is the partnership with Moving Train Pilots Association (MOTPA), a Lagos-based registered transport solution association which has a large number of drivers. The association said its members are ready to make an extra living through the new initiatives that are being introduced to the transport sector in the country.

InTaxiads said it also moulded the platform for drivers across Lagos willing to become ambassadors without paying any fee. With growing unemployment and low revenue due to the sheer increase in the number of car-sharing services, executive car drivers and taxi drivers will definitely benefit from the new service considering they could earn more cash. However, the fluidity it comes with might stir fresh competition with rival advert agencies across the country. The company has already announced that it has installed the device in over five thousand taxis, and drivers are set to flood Lagos roads in no time.

Technologically embedded devices continue to drive mobile advertising which has made new strategies for advertising inevitable. The company has already revealed that adverts would roll 60 times per hour in moving vehicles and reach target audience more quickly. Thus, InTaxiads’ new service is poised to see it rake out more revenue from the  $309 million TV advertising market in Nigeria alone.

This also means passengers will now get a peek into which products are available in the market while in transit or when stuck in the infamous Lagos traffic. Lagos has an estimated population of about 20 million people and a GDP of $136 billion, the state assumed the role of the unofficial commercial capital of the continent, leaving a wide market for business to thrive in the country.

Technological innovation is increasingly growing, leading to the reordering of business and social activities across the globe. In-taxi adverts are an upshot of the new order with the gradual change from the traditional billboard and banner advertisement. In developed countries, in-taxi advertising has proven to be a solution adopted by reputable advert agencies to reach across to scores of people travelling with taxis.


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