Telecommunications giants Globacom are continuing to explore ways to boost market share in the various markets they operate in and using their exclusive partnership with arguably football’s biggest global brand, Manchester United.

The telecommunications company are pushing a mobile application that allows football fans- specifically Manchester United fans- have access to a range of exclusive content including news, feature interviews, video highlights and many others.

The application was announced via Globacom’s Twitter handle and costs less than a dollar to download.

Globacom, long running partners of Manchester United, are a football-friendly brand who have been known to push its brand through the passionate sport. Globacom have sponsored the Nigerian Premier League in the past for fee reported to be in the range of $6 million and have also been long-term sponsors of the Nigerian national football team and its supporters club.

The partnership with Manchester United which has seen Globacom runs promotions that involved taking fans to see live Premier League games in Old Trafford allows both brands, according to the Manchester United website, unite in ‘marketing campaigns and promotional activities in the Nigeria, Ghana and Benin Republic’ in line with Globacom’s position as the Official Integrated Marketing Communications Partner of Manchester United for Ghana, Nigeria and Republic of Benin.

It would seem that Africa’s leading brands are seeking opportunities to partner with bigger global sporting brands as ways to strengthen its market share and leverage brand equity. Globacom’s direct rivals in the Nigerian market have similar agreements as Airtel have an existing relationship with Premier League club Arsenal while Etisalat have a global agreement with FC Barcelona which also extends to the regional Nigerian arm of the telecommunications company.

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