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Eutelsat S.A., a European satellite operator that provides coverage in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Americas was ranked top after an in-depth study of television reception throughout Nigeria, Cameroon and Ivory Coast positioned it as satellite market leader in these countries.

Satellite television has become a dominant technology in Africa as more people continue to subscribe to the technology. In Ivory Coast satellite technology serves 68% of TV households, reaching 41% in Nigeria likewise ., and 38% of tv households in Cameroon.

Eutelsat hosts the leading free to air (FTA) position in Cameroon and Ivory Coast with a combined reach of 1.2M households in these two countries. Eutelsat 16° leads in Cameroon as it serves a total of 940,000 households representing 73% of the direct to home (DTH) installed base. In the Ivory Coast, it has the largest free to air (FTA) installed base, reaching 240,000 households (37% of the DTH installed base).

Eutelsat has the highest combined reach across the Nigerian market also with its service reaching around 10 million households in Nigeria as one out of two direct to home (DTH) TV household point towards a Eutelsat position.

Equally, Eutelsat’s 36° east is Nigeria’s leading Pay-TV reaching 1.3M households. It also hosts DSTV, a major satellite Pay-TV platform in Africa. Eutelsat groups around 400 channels with 43 channels in HD, accessible throughout the region. It also airs the most watched channels in Nigeria such as AIT International, CNN International, Silverbird TV, and Zee World.  

Nicolas Baravalle, Vice President for Sub-Saharan Africa at Eutelsat said “It is a testament to our long-standing partnership with many of Africa’s leading TV channels and bouquets. We look forward to strengthening these partnerships to develop our services as these dynamic markets continue to evolve,”

With the need for high definition pictures (HD) rising in Sub-Saharan Africa likewise a growing demand for HD content specifically in Pay-TV, the satellite company has been able to provide satisfaction in Africa to this rising demand.

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