Photograph — Ampe Rogério

Leading technology solutions companies in Angola, Primaz Consult and SelectMidia have launched a digital platform to facilitate a more enabling business environment in the country. The full-service digital platform, Multiplica, provides digital strategic access to digital products focused on user-centred designs and user experience.

It aims at supporting consumers with general information, as well as promoting direct contact with organizations, via messages and phone calls, to be made available on the platform 24/24 hours a day, free of charge.

Multiplica, just like other digital technologies, will help accelerate access to knowledge, economic growth and unlock digital trade barriers in Angola. The platform will also provide an important avenue for Angolan organizations to expand their customer base and reach targeted markets.

According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Primaz Consult, Olívio Gambo, this tool is directly linked to the needs of the market, particularly that of the companies in order to promote its services, both in Brazil and abroad.

“Multiplica was created to contribute to the improvement of the business environment in the country by promoting access to real-time information on suppliers, products and services,” read a statement.

Angola, among other African countries, has embraced technology which is key to achieving sustainable development goals. The introduction of Multiplica in Angola shows that indeed, digital technology in Africa is making huge advances.

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