South African steel products maker, SCAW Metals Group in a robust West African expansion drive has disclosed plans to open a new $40million 50,000 metric tons grinding plant in Tema, Ghana, by the end of the week.

“We are delighted that we will be opening a plant in Ghana and this is outbound investment for a South African entity. The Ghanaian government has made a great push for the local manufacturing industry to stimulate economic growth and provide job creation,” Chief Executive of the Scaw Metals Group, Markus Hannemann, said.

Mr Hannemann expressed confidence in the ability of his company, Africa’s leading producer of forged grinding media, to harness Ghana’s human and natural resources.

Demand for forged grinding media comes predominantly from the copper and gold industries which Ghana, formally called the Gold coast, depends on.

“From our experience in Ghana thus far, we are certain that we will be able to fully utilise the vast potential in the region,” he said.

The Guma Group, a South African firm, as well as the Jospong Group of Companies, which is based in Ghana, partnered with Scaw for the construction of the forged grinding plant that is expected to resume full operations in 18 months.

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