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Let’s face it, a typical day in the life of a Lagosian is filled with doses of chaos and exhaustion. Eko –  The Port City that never sleeps is known to be the commercial hub of Nigeria. A fast-paced city which buzzes with life and shelters an estimated 15 million people is a coastal city naturally surrounded by islands, water, vegetation and breathtaking natural scenery. This natural beauty is rarely appreciated as residential, recreational, and commercial real estate pay little attention to conserving the state’s natural beauty.

Owing to the many advantageous features of nature, the metropolis ought to be a world-class destination as the city prides itself on its distinct features. Lagos houses some of the best entertainment and lifestyle establishments in Nigeria; from night and recreational clubs to beach houses, restaurants to hotels. The people and the experiences set the city apart. Investors from around the world are inspired to acquire stakes in the City by creating business ventures, industries and development projects.

Over the years, urbanisation has laid claim to what used to be a serene city; development activities have taken over a large mass of nature. There is now the concern of biodiversity loss, air and water pollution, increased greenhouse gas emissions, and noise pollution amongst many others. The islands are being sand-filled more frequently, the natural state of landscapes is being altered and the tranquillity that was once the trademark of the state is no more.

The concept behind Isimi Lagos is driven by innovative technology and consciousness for tranquillity, lifestyle and wellness, distinct from other development projects currently on the market. Isimi Lagos aims to promote serenity, and its priority is to improve a healthy lifestyle by creating a tranquil environment;  a wellness city away from the pollution of urbanisation.

Isimi sits on over 305 Acres of land in the heart of Epe, most of which will be conserved and maintained without altering the natural topography of the landmass in the process of beatification and development. This project is set to house several facilities that will make it a self-sufficient city, your go-to location for a luxurious and tranquil experience. Isimi Lagos is architecting more than just a piece of real estate but an experience.

Isimi Lagos has idealised a city packed with numerous recreational facilities to complement nature. These such as an amphitheatre, Olympic-sized Pools, golf courses, a standard polo turf with a stable that will house some of the world’s best horses, and idyllic marinas to encourage activities like kayaking, jet skiing, and fishing to list a few.

Transport and delivery systems in Isimi town would be powered by green energy. This is in place as a conscious precautionary step to reduce air pollution and biochemical risk factors subject to the use of fuel-burning locomotive systems.

Conscious steps are being put in place to ensure an eco-friendly lifestyle within the city; from adopting an effective tech-driven waste-management system such as recycling and reprocessing biodegradable wastes for consumable energy to adopting the use of natural and safe means of transportation.

Isimi City plans to be self-sufficient with the introduction of Isimi-Farms. The farms will supply farm-to-table produce, where residents can access natural produce fresh from the farm and trace the origin of the food being consumed.

Buildings, roads, and other infrastructure are planned to be built around the existing geological structure. Homes in Isimi will be thoughtfully crafted to give a full panoramic view of nature by adapting 70% glass in constructing all building projects. The aim is to promote a serene aura within the community and give the residents access to the serenity nature provides right from their homes.

Isimi City aims at improving tranquil, natural living, projecting what suburban life should be in years to come – peaceful and basking in nature while living in prime real estate properties. Even the name “Isimi” translates to “Peace” in the native Yoruba language.  The deliberate selection of the name epitomises the entire experience this project represents, bringing rest and tranquillity back to Lagos.

This project is set to improve the quality of life by promoting a healthy lifestyle with drastically reduced exposure to pollutants in a serene environment. Life here will be one away from the bustle and unhealthy environment that urbanisation and industrialisation have become synonymous with over the years.

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