VENTURES AFRICA- House of Nwocha was birthed in 2009 by the creative CEO Ugonna Omeruo. The name of the brand was inspired by her late grandmother. Since the first debut of her Spring/Summer 2009 collection, Ugonna’s collections have graced major runways, magazines and has been the favorite of many fashion lovers.

HON is a luxury clothing line based in Lagos Nigeria. The brand is divided into two categories, one is casual wear for everyday, weekends and cocktails while the other is a couture line for dinners, awards and events. Her designs screams- elegance and sophistication. She is known to create unique outfits that stand out on the red carpet.

“At HON, we use a very solid style formula that satisfies the demands of a discerning clientele that knows how to choose its fashions, takes advice from a respected source and never follows the crowd. ..Our designs are for women who know how to wear fashionable clothes without forgetting a sense of style. Our designs are bold, daring, sexy, elegant, feminine and unique”

Ugonna has displayed her beautiful designs on both local and international runways such as ARISE Fashion week Lagos and recently at DC Fashion Week. The label just released its Fall 2012 collection inspired by “Yoshinaka”, an warrior woman, who was exceptionally beautiful and had charming features.

HON “presents Yoshinaka in modern times. A strong almost goth woman, not afraid of her body and its magic…Yoshinaka was a remarkably strong archer and as a swords woman, she was able to confront anything on foot and horse back. She performed more deeds of valor than any other warrior of her time”.” says Creative Director, Ugonna Omeruo.

The collection tells the story of Yoshinaka in modern terms. It is a rich combination of golden french sequence lace, soft black velvet, feathers and black spiral french lace. Again, she thinks outside the norm and goes the extra mile to present elegant and breath taking designs.

Check out some of her Fall Collection below:

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