There is no doubt that Africans have great talents. In the African Fashion Industry, a new breed of designers are displaying their African-Inspired and Western influenced designs. At the first sight of her designs, one word that comes to mind is- ELEGANCE. No wonder top celebrities pay a premium just to wear Christiane King’s brand.

Christiane King was born and raised in Ivory  Coast. She earned a Bachelors degree in International Trade, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast after which she decided to follow her passion for fashion. Moving to Paris and then Los Angeles opened her eyes to the various fashion opportunities available. She started her fashion career by enrolling and graduating with Honors  in Fashion Design from Woodbury University.

Christiane released her first collection in the Fall of 2006 and her brand has been growing since its birth. Her dedication and commitment has helped put her brand on the ‘Hollywood spotlight’. In 2010, after auditioning 5times, she finally got a spot the 6th time, as one of the contestants for the TV show- Project Runway. Although she didn’t emerge as the final winner, since then, she boldly forged ahead by showing off her elegant designs to the world.

Influenced by her home country and her love for nature, she creates glamorous and striking dresses. Her backgrounds from Africa, France and America have definitely played a huge role in her unique, artful and organic embellished designs. In addition, her brand has gained admiration from top celebrities such as- Ashley Tisdale, Shaun Robinson, Teri Hatcher, LisaRaye, Venus and Serena Williams, just to mention a few. Her versatile fashion sense has won her recognition on major publications such as US Weekly, Beverly Hills LifeStyle Magazine, Zooey, OK Magazine and many more.

As many African designers abroad venture into the African fashion industry, they continue to follow the African based designers to create avenues for more jobs and generate revenues. We want to see more African designers abroad come back to invest in the industry even as they continue to display their collections internationally. I hope to see more of Christiane King’s  wonderful designs flaunt major runways and boutiques in Africa.

Check out some of her collections below.

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