As a way of giving good quality services to customers, Tranter IT, which is the official distributor of Manage Engine in Nigeria, held a seminar on the 15th of November 2017 at the Radisson Blu hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos. Several IT personnel who saw this as an opportunity to learn more about Manage Engine and the services they can offer their clients using the suite of softwares attended the seminar. The Manage Engine team from Dubai and India facilitated this seminar, which was labelled the biggest seminar so far in Nigeria for Manage Engine.

The CEO of Tranter IT, Lare Ayoola, a visionary, pioneer and leader in the Nigerian IT industry, opened the seminar. Lare gave an insight into the 3-year partnership between Tranter IT and Manage Engine. He spoke about the growing demand for the product range whose success is attributed to its high relevance in enhancing business optimization.

At the seminar, Karthik Ananda Rao, the technical consultant in charge of conducting events and seminars to showcase ManageEngine gave presentations on Manage Engine Overview, Manage Engine Security Solutions, IT Operations Management, Desktop and Mobile Device Management and IT Service management. The seminar revealed the various features on Manage Engine and how it is better than other products.

Why Nigerians should pay attention to Manage Engine

Manage Engine serves as a one-stop shop with the right tool at the right time with an efficient process for the right hand.  

What does Manage Engine do?

  • It helps with the backup of Server Data or Remote site connectivity
  • It helps you manage threats
  • It helps with the installation/Initialization Error
  • It helps you to gets a consolidated report from all IT components- Network, server, Application, Helpdesk, User provisioning, security
  • It helps you streamline your IT

What makes Mange Engine better than other products?

  • It has an Easy Licensing Model
  • It helps you catch up with IT trends
  • It has an easy to move to cloud version
  • The Return On Investment realized when products are integrated with Manage Engine is high
  • It is easy to use and maintain
  • It has both free and economical editions

Manage Engine can be used by the following persons

  • IT Administrators
  • AD Administrators
  • Helpdesk Agent / Supervisors
  • Application Administrators
  • Server Administrators
  • Database Administrators
  • Network Administrators
  • Security Administrators
  • Compliance Auditors

What you didn’t know about manage Engine

  • ManageEngine offers Enterprise IT management solutions including network, server, desktop and application management.Tranter IT partners with ManageEngine to deliver a range of products and services including the renowned Service Desk Plus software, OPManager, AD Audit, plus many more
  • It is a division of Zoho Corporation
  • It has over 4000 Employees
  • Its headquarter is in Pleasanton, California
  • It has its Offices in Chennai, Japan, China, Singapore
  • It has over 120,000 Customers
  • 3 out of 5 Fortune 500 Companies use Manage Engine
  • Manage Engine major products include ServiceDesk Plus, Opmanager, Desktop Central and AD manager.

Here is how Mange Engine has evolved


What you need to know about Tranter IT

  • Tranter IT  offers flexible IT support, expert training and professional IT project delivery.
  • Tranter IT helps clients improve organizational and individual performance by leveraging on well- designed and managed IT infrastructure, backed by expert IT support and training.
  • Tranter IT has been servicing organizations in Nigeria since 2004
  • They pride themselves on their customer-focused business model and their success in saving up to 40percent of the existing costs of their clients.
  • Tranter IT is the official distributor of Manage Engine in Nigeria


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