Egyptian Foreign Minister, Mohammed Kamel Amr has advocated for a halt to Ethiopia’s dam construction in a bid to protect the former’s water supply from the Nile.

Citing the threat the “Giant Dam Project” poses to its national survival ( ‘No Nile – No Egypt’), the Egyptian government has been on immense pressure to prevent the construction of $4.7-billion Hydro-Power plant, which is believed to decrease water supply required for a population of 84 million.

“Egypt won’t give up on a single drop of water from the Nile or any part of what arrives into Egypt from this water in terms of quantity and quality,” Amr was quoted speaking to news agency NEMA while noting that Egypt has little or no water supply owing to poor rainfall recorded in the desert-filled Northern Africa.

There were suggestions that Egypt could employ military action aimed at stifling progress on the project. This led to a Reuters report that the Egyptian ambassador to Ethiopia had being summoned by its Foreign Ministry.

Mr Mohammed Amr suggested while speaking at a press conference, that his country had a plan in place though he further noted that Ethiopia had assured the continent’s biggest dam will not lessen water supply.

“We have a plan for action, which will start soon,” Amr said. “We’ll talk to Ethiopia and we’ll see what comes of it. Ethiopia has said it will not harm Egypt, not even by a liter of water. We are looking at this being implemented.”

He further informed journalist of his planned visit, to discuss the Dam issue with Ethiopian authorities in Addis Ababa.

Countries sharing the Nile River have constantly disagreed over its use, with fears gradually arising of a possible war outbreak.

However, Sudan, bordering Ethiopia and Egypt and also a major user of the water, is in support of the project, citing economic benefits for its citizens.


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