The Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK) has dropped plans to make MultiChoice, owners of DStv, resell its exclusive content rights to rival companies.

The regulatory commission cited “lack of law” as the major factor behind its unsuccessful bid to wrestle back the rights from DStv, especially for the English premiership league, which it believes has sustained the firm’s dominance of pay TV market.

“We have not been able to ask DStv to share it exclusive content, especially the English Premiership League with its rivals because we don’t have a law to support our demand,” explained Francis Wangusi, the director general of CKK.

Rivals of MultiChoice have regularly brought up the issue, claiming it had cornered in majority of viewers, making it difficult for other operators to break even, but the commission has revealed it is beyond its powers to ensure a fair playing ground.

“DStv rivals have raised this matter several times, but you see it can only be done within the law and until then the status quo shall prevail,” he added.

According to Business Daily, the firm has maintained a dominant position in the pay TV segment of Kenya for the last 20 years, managing to successfully fend off competition and win over 3 million subscribers across Africa by holding onto such exclusive content rights.

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