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There’s no denying that digital technology plays a significant role in our daily lives. From shopping to making payments or even things as minute as planning a meeting, technology comes into play. It is touching every part of our lives, shaping our society, and most importantly influencing the way we run businesses.

Microsoft realises this and is constantly innovating to empower digital transformation by providing countless products and services in forms of applications and new technologies to help businesses embrace the digital age.

Yesterday, March 29, 2017, Microsoft Nigeria organised a bloggers meetup on Empowering Digital Transformation. It was a fun interactive session discussing the various ways, plus the products, and services offered by the tech multinational for businesses and organisations to improve productivity, and develop new capabilities with digi-tech.

Key takeaways from the meeting
1. Microsoft’s strategy for organisations to embrace digital transformation as presented by Ade Ajayi, the director of marketing and operations, Microsoft Nigeria.


Engage customers – Build tailored customer experiences by harnessing data and draw actionable insights to deliver personalised experiences.

Empower employees – Empower employees to achieve more by creating a productive workplace that is secure, diverse, and flexible.

Optimise operations – Accelerate the responsiveness of your business, improve service levels, reduce costs, and anticipate the future with intelligent processes.

Transform products – Differentiate and capture emerging opportunities by utilising data to move from hindsight to foresight while disrupting the ecosystem with new business models, products, and services.

2. Windows 10 is the largest and greatest operating system in the world

Since its launch on July 29, 2015, Microsoft’s Windows 10 has gained incredible momentum with 135 billion hours spent on the OS by 400 million monthly active devices. W10 intelligent personal assistant, Cortana, has been asked five billion questions and has received a million speech queries since its launch. And the Windows 10 store has recorded five billion visits.

3. As presented by Christopher Ahonsi, ‎business value programs manager at Microsoft, the brand offers an impressive range of great products and services for individuals, businesses, and organisations, including Office 365 – home, personal, and business editions, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Sway for storytellers.

4. Important things at the core of Microsoft

Microsoft is the brand that made personal computing available to everyone.

It is a brand that stands for and represents people of action; individuals with ‘Windows DNA’ who are compelled to set ideas into action.

Microsoft matters because this is the age of empowered individuals when anyone can do anything if they have the right tools. Microsoft provides every needed tool.

The company’s objective is to empower people of action to do great things by creating endless trusted humanising experiences that impede limitation.


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