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British-Nigerian artist Ibejii and mixed heritage German, Italian and Romanian producer Wellyt are proud to announce the launch of their music collaboration project, Matrimony: der Ehestand, on February 24, 2023, in Bad Vilbel, Frankfurt.

The project was born from the chance meeting of the two artists last summer in Turkiye, on the day Russia allowed the first shipment of grain from Ukraine since the beginning of hostilities between the two countries. The positive event inspired Ibejii and Wellyt to create a musical collaboration that promotes international cultural exchange and aims to advance global peace.

Matrimony: der Ehestand is an 8-track low-fi project that addresses common human themes such as freedom, the migration crisis, and the shared canopy of humanity. The project features Red Poppies Bleeding, a repudiation of the war in Ukraine, Black & White Lies, a song that reaffirms the truth that all people bleed red and shed colourless tears, and Metaverse, which reminds the listener of the folly of ongoing contests for more land in an age in which the claim is for interaction in virtual reality.

The launch of Matrimony: der Estrand is an invaluable platform for cultural engagement between distant cultures and gives Germany a renewed voice in the global campaign for peace at a time when the country is itself bearing a disproportionate share of the burden of war in the Middle East and elsewhere.

“I am excited to present Matrimony: der Estrand to the world. The project represents our efforts to spread the message of peace and unity through music,” said Ibejii.

The launch event will take place in Bad Vilbel, Frankfurt, a town famous for its mineral water springs, on February 24, 2023, which marks the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We hope that the launch will be the first step towards seeing the green shoots of peace between Russia and Ukraine.

For more information, follow Ibejii on Twitter at @Ibejiimusic.

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