The Global Initiative for Peace, Love, and Care (GIPLC), a charity founded by Nigerian humanitarian, Nuhu Kwajafa, has distributed N100 million ($160,000) to subsidize healthcare for more than a dozen sick children battling terminal illnesses. The disbursements took place on Thursday, July 13, at a ceremony in Abuja attended by the recipients, their parents, members of various philanthropic groups, the media, and well-wishers.

The majority of the funds distributed were raised by friends and associates of Nigerian businessman Igho Sanomi during a charity dinner in May to celebrate his birthday. Some of the grant recipients from GIPLC will undergo surgeries within and outside Nigeria for various conditions, including atrial septal defects and malignant cancers.

During the distribution ceremony on Thursday, Nuhu Fulani-Kwajafa, the founder and coordinator of GIPLC, expressed that the purpose of the disbursement was to show gratitude to God for the gift of life and His countless blessings. Fulani-Kwajafa emphasized that even small amounts, such as ten to fifty thousand naira, can make a significant difference in saving lives, providing meals, and paying school fees for children of widows.

Over the past 14 years, GIPLC has raised over $5 million to support children with critical medical conditions. The organization has also aided over 10,000 orphans and vulnerable children through a “back to school” program. Additionally, GIPLC has provided monthly support to 35 orphanages for the past ten years, supplying them with food, clothing, and beverages through its end-of-month food drive for the less privileged.

Igho Sanomi, Nigerian Philanthropist, Businessman and founder of Taleveras.
Igho Sanomi, Nigerian Philanthropist, Businessman and founder of Taleveras.

In 2014, GIPLC visited South Sudan during its civil war to assist refugee children at the invitation of the country’s First Lady. Notably, a remarkable charity initiative by GIPLC raised $234,000 within 72 hours to fund the surgery of a baby born without 50% of her skull. The surgery was successfully performed in the USA by renowned surgeon Dr Ben Carson. Mr Nuhu Kwajafah commended Igho Sanomi for his support in making it all possible. 

Among GIPLC’s numerous interventions, the case of Ali Ahmadu Chibok garnered significant attention. Ali was run over by a motorcycle ridden by Boko Haram terrorists during their invasion of his village in Chibok, Borno state, in 2014. At the age of four, Ali was left paralyzed and devastated. Nigerian doctors determined that he would never walk again due to severe spinal cord injuries. GIPLC contacted hospitals in the US, UK, and Dubai, ultimately finding a Dubai hospital that offered corrective surgery for Ali at a substantial cost. The Dickens Sanomi Foundation, funded by Igho Sanomi in collaboration with GIPLC, covered the expenses of the corrective surgery and pledged to sponsor Ali’s education up to the university level. Ali has since made a full recovery and is actively participating in school activities in Abuja, Nigeria.

Igho Sanomi, a prominent Nigerian business leader, is recognized not only for his success but also for his philanthropy. The Dickens Sanomi Foundation, named after his late father, supports initiatives in education, social welfare, and the arts. Sanomi, 48, is the founder of Taleveras, a leading energy trader operating in the UAE, Europe, and Africa.

In May, the Nigerian government, under the leadership of former President Muhammadu Buhari, honoured Nuhu Kwajafa with the national honour of Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR) in recognition of his significant commitment and contributions to humanity.

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