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North African country, Egypt has started outlining its plans for tourism attraction, after the industry was stalled since March 2020. This is due to health measures put in place to prevent further spread of coronavirus.

This was disclosed by the Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Khaled al-Anani while briefing local media. “We are waiting for our curve (of contaminations) to stabilize, but again these figures are very low compared to the countries in the region and the world as a whole.’’

The country believes that with strict hygiene measures and practices, tourism activities will be safe for the general public. The minister stated that some hotels will not be allowed to open for business until they have fulfilled all the conditions relating to public safety.

Hotels have scaled up their hygiene, while iconic archaeological sites have been sanitized and beaches also cleaned up, as the president Sis’s administration prepares to receive tourists again.

The plan is to make provision to resume domestic tourism with a capacity of 25% which was increased on June 1st to 50%.

Cairo has suffered slow economic progress over the past 3 months, as tourism alone has recorded a loss of one billion dollars.  In 2019, tourism solely attracted about 13.6 million people across the globe and generated $12.9 billion for the Egyptian economy.

This latest move by the Egyptian government might create an impression to tourists that the country is safe, regardless of the pandemic.

DW news agency reports that the new strategy adopted by the government also includes “offering steep discounts to airlines and launching a new advertising campaign.’’

The country’s official air carrier, EgyptAir has started receiving bookings as EgyptAir’s website shows round-trip flights to several cities available as of 1 June.

So far, Egypt has recorded over 55,233 Coronavirus Cases and 2,193 related deaths, while recovery is at 14,736.

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