The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has fined MTN Nigeria and Globacom Limited a total sum of N34 million for breaking the business rules and regulations of the Mobile Number Portability (MPN).

The regulatory body revealed this in it’s report titled  “2015 Q4 Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Reports,’’ stating that of the N34 million sanction for mobile number porting breach, Globacom was fined N22 million, while MTN was fined N12 million.

Here is what you need to know about the N34 million fine:

Globacom and MTN were fined over both corporate and individual port requests

MTN violated  a timer deactivation from a corporate port request of over 109 lines belonging to Nigerian Breweries Plc via lead Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number (MSISDN). In the same vein, a timer validation violation by MTN regarding four individual port requests from MSISDNs.

Globacom on the other hand, violated a timer deactivation  regarding 11 individual and one corporate port requests. Glo breached the allowable one hour for the donor to deactivate 147 ported out lines belonging to Reckitt Limited, consistent with provisions of the MNP Business Rules.

It was reported that  Globacom had breached the two hours allowable for validation of six port requests from the Nigerian Population Commision (NPC) as stated in the MNP business rules. However, Globacom validated one of these port requests over nine hours following confirmation from the MNP administrator.

The fine has a legal backing

According to the commission, the imposed fine has a legal backing as found in Section 89 of the Nigerian Communications Act 2003 which mandates the NCC to “monitor all significant matters relating to the performance of all licensed telecoms service providers and publish annual reports at the end of each financial year.”

 Globacom and MTN have settled the fine

The Nigerian Communications Commission in the compliance monitoring and enforcement report said the two telecommunications already paid the imposed fine of N34 million.


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