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The digital age gave rise to internet services which have not only about brought ease in uncountable ways to the society but also acts as a pillar for many new innovations. However, it also serves as the host for cyberbullies.

Man has certainly become a victim of his own creation and this is a sad reality. The internet is a double edge sword in our society and the extent to which it can make or mar its users cannot be overlooked. On the one hand, it is an amazing innovation that allows one source for information, shop and even locates long-lost friends or family. On the other, it’s potential to cause damage is almost proportional to it is usefulness. Cyber-bullying is a scourge that is more dangerous than we think, what is more, the anonymity of the internet tends to offer a security blanket for the bully while heightening anxiety for the victim.

According to a report on the effect of these virtual actions, cyber-bullying can also lead to emotional and psychological trauma. It is also no longer news that bullies have begun to transfer their emotional weakness to stronger Nigerians calling them out on social media making a mess of their image and personality. This, however, explains why leading telecommunication brand 9mobile has joined forces with Nigeria’s leading tech platform to sanitize the Nigerian Social Media space from cyber-bullies.

Did you know that Google Trends data has indicated that much attention has been placed on cyberbullying than ever before? In recent times, more people have searched the word “cyberbullying” than they have done in the past.

Also, a research presented at the 2017 Paediatric Academic Societies Meeting indicated that more children and teenagers were reported to have attempted suicide due to a spike in the number of cyber-bullying activities in 2015 alone.

“Most Nigerians may say Cyber-bullying is not a Nigerian thing, but the conversation is getting wider. You would agree that the reactions of bullies behind their computers and smartphones have broken the faith most people have in themselves when they post things on Social Media and that is what we want to correct,” said Sowari Akosionu, the Manager Media Planning and Management, 9 mobile.

“We want an environment where people understand that their words are sharp, their words can destroy. We want people to know that a simple exchange of nice words on a post could change the conversation, same way hurtful words can break the minds of the victim,” she added.

Ifedayo Oladeinde from on his part expressed his excitement at being a part of such a movement. He also urged Nigerians to be part of the campaign.

“We can change the narrative. We can begin to tell our stories to inspire others and make them realise that they are never victims until they surrender their willpower to these bullies. We can change things by just telling our stories. We can heal our scars by letting the world feel the truth,” said Oladeinde. 

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