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“The president is in London on vacation. He is not in any hospital and he is not ill … If anybody has fed something else into the rumour mill that is just what it is – rumour.” – Femi Adesina on Thursday, January 26, 2017. Fast forward to February, and the President extends his leave in order to complete and receive the results of a series of tests recommended by his doctors.

But Uncle Femi said he was not ill …

Since he became president, Bubu has travelled abroad three times on vacation, handing over power to Vice President Osinbajo; twice on medical leave, and the other was unaccounted for, but I sincerely do not care. What I and a good number of Nigerians care about is the ever increasing number of avoidable deaths caused by a dearth of medical resources and personnel in both federal and state hospitals across the country while our leaders are globe-trotting to get the best medical care whenever they fall ill or have an ear infection. Not to mention awful cases of medical malpractices that go without penalty.

We can scream, critic, write, and rage all we want about our failed healthcare, and things will remain the same, ad nauseam – ad infinitum. But a very smart Nigerian recently proffered the best solution, which is for western leaders to place a ban on African leaders seeking medical treatment overseas.

Credit - Victoria Ohaeri Facebook
Credit – Victoria Ohaeri Facebook

I know it sounds ridiculous, but it is not. I assure you if such a policy is implemented, our leaders will have no choice but to fix our health care sector. However, they just might start importing doctors. Hmmm. So far, the post has close to 2000 shares on Facebook (not on the original handle), and a good number of comments, all in support of the idea. Perhaps, we should start an online petition to this effect. Desperate times call for desperate measures.


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