The Chinese Embassy in Rwanda has introduced stricter measures in visa application, following the arrest of two people suspected to be trafficking Rwandans for sex to China. “For one to get a Chinese visa, (one) will now have to provide an official letter from a well recognised institution in China, and that will also have to go through Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry to ascertain the authenticity of visa application,” said Sun Chenggong, the second Secretary of the Chinese Embassy in Kigali, Rwanda.

Chenggong who said the Embassy was shocked by the news of human trafficking, noted that over one thousand Rwandans travel to China yearly, and about thirty students are on government scholarships.

The new visa rule will also apply to neighboring countries like Uganda, where Rwandans often apply for visa.

“We have already informed our embassy in Uganda,” Chenggong said.

He warned Rwandans to be wary of those who promise them jobs in China. “For one to get a job in China, they must possess an alien employment license that is obtainable from concerned Chinese authorities and in case you are caught without it you, you are immediately deported,” He said.

In Rwanda, Chinese visa costs Rwf 32000 (USD$53) for a single person while double costs Rwf52000 (USD$87).


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