Photograph — The Africa CEO Forum

As the annual pan-African conference, the Africa CEO Forum kicks off today, investors, and businessmen on the continent will once again have the opportunity to meet with African governments to develop business relationships. Every year, African presidents and their representatives meet with businessmen to present investment opportunities through Public-Private Partnership Projects.

This year’s forum will not be different; more than $700 million worth of projects are set to be financed in many African countries, including Zambia, to Morocco, Togo, Mauritius, Benin, Mali, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda by many private investors across the continent that will be present at the forum.

In what has been termed as “Public-Private Deal rooms, ”delegations from these countries will present these opportunities to businessmen in a bid to develop business relationships and show the world that it is easy to do business in their countries.

The sectors where investment opportunities are available across these African countries will include financial services, real estate, tourism, health, manufacturing, energy, agriculture, ICT. Government officials will be pitching to bankers, pension funds, private equity players, and some of the most active financial institutions in Africa.

There will also be “Private sector Dealrooms” – an innovative feature of the AFRICA CEO FORUM 2019. This deal room will enable 30 high-potential African companies to meet with investors who are interested in financing their growth. With an average annual turnover of $50 million, the 30 promising companies selected come from all regions of Africa and are looking for financing packages worth 25 to 100 million euros.

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