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The Holiday Issue: A melange of people, business, and policy.

This holiday issue is a diverse and dynamic mix of people, business, and policy. We delve into the stories of successful entrepreneurs, showcasing their unique approaches to the holiday season. We also review the business and policy trends of 2022, exploring how they impacted lives and the economy. From analysis to listicles to narratives, this issue has something for everyone..

15 African creatives to watch in 2023

Africa is blessed with so much creativity. It reflects in our type of music, fashion, food, art, and even our sense of humor.

African elections to look forward to in 2023

As 2022 gradually comes to a close with people planning to have a great Christmas Holiday, several African governments are gearing up for Presidential elections in 2023.

Notable innovations in Africa in 2022

How are rockets designed to visit space? How do satellites transmit signals to phones and other gadgets? What’s the technology behind wireless charging? Interesting questions right?

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Our top 20 most popular articles for 2022

If 2021 was a strange, excitingly bullish year, 2022 was the year of retribution that came after. Bubbles across tech and money markets popped faster than most people could prepare for.

Notable data in Nigeria in 2022

The year 2022 has been quite eventful in Nigeria across every sector of the economy. While some expectations have been met from an economic viewpoint, some others have been surpassed.

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