29-year-old Belinda Daudu is a Nigerian entrepreneur and CEO of Bellytastes Food and Culinary Services, a thriving food and beverage company. With a BSc degree in English Language at Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo state, Belinda insists that her most valuable education came through working to start and grow Bellytastes.

Belinda Daudu, CEO Bellytastes Food and Culinary Service

Her entrepreneurial journey in the FMCG sector started in 2018 when she spotted a niche in healthy yoghurts and protein shakes. Before founding Bellytastes, Belinda worked as an insurance sales representative with Mutual Benefits Assurance. She later took a bow in 2017, in hopes of getting more gainful employment.

As Belinda continued in her job-hunt, she started making yoghurt at home for her mother, little did she know that she had unlocked a treasure chest. Belinda discovered that not only were her home-made yoghurts healthier and tastier, but people were also willing to pay for it. This discovery, alongside encouragement from friends and family members, birthed Bellytastes Food and Culinary Services in 2018. 

Growing from a “kitchen-funded” past time to a company with a wide range of processed and packaged products, Belinda is on the track to become one of the fastest-growing FMCG entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Through hard work, commitment and active leadership, Belinda and the Bellytastes team have engaged over 100 distributors within Nigeria since inception. 

Being passionate about unemployment in Nigeria, Belinda created the Bellytastes Distributors Program, where she empowers young talented Nigerians with the necessary resources and products to begin their own small scale wholesale and retail businesses. 

Bellytastes Food and Culinary Services Product; Bellyyo 

Bellytastes has plans to export some of its products to West African countries, Europe and the United States. They are also working on plans to acquire wholesome investments to build a bigger factory that will see them expand and introduce more lines of products.

Belinda believes that home-grown manufacturing has huge untapped potential both in wealth and job creation as her goal in 10 years is to provide employment for over 100,000 Nigerians. She is motivated by the possibility that she can change lives and create employment and wealth for herself and others. She also hopes to be a force to reckon with in the FMCG industry in five years time. 

To empower people, Bellytaste is currently recruiting distributor’s across Lagos with zero sign-up fees. Interested candidates are only expected to fill and submit complete the distributor registration form and make payment for their minimum order. To become a distributor, go to https://bellyyo.com/dsform or click here to fill the form.

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