The coveted MBA. Many people prepare the early part of their career to get into the right program. While MBA is a two-year journey that usually requires a hiatus from work, it is worth the price in gold if you pursue it for the right reasons.

An MBA is not for everyone, and it is important that you pursue the program for the right reasons. Here are the top reasons why you should get an MBA degree:


Getting an MBA teaches you many lessons, but one of the most important lessons you will take away from the program is how to be a better leader. Many business schools use the case study method, which helps you analyze challenges a company faces and how to emerge as a leader in these cases. During your MBA matriculation you will have many opportunities to be a leader through clubs, conferences, and summer internships. If you are at the point of your career where you want to learn the right skill-set to become a leader in your company, getting an MBA opens up a gateway of learning opportunities.

Changing Career

Many people assume that most students that get an MBA are business degree holders when in fact many students who go business school come from a variety of backgrounds. Whether you are an engineer or come from a political background, MBA is a good way to learn “the how” of your business acumen. Maybe your first degree was in psychology and you want to be more marketable or switch industries. Obtaining an MBA allows you to do both and along the way you can learn general management skills as well as specialized business skills.

Career Advancement

Now more than ever many companies require an MBA for top positions. Most people who obtain an MBA have at least 5 years of prior work experience. During those 5 years you can take time to reflect on where you want to be in order to have clear path of how best to utilize your time during business school. Getting an MBA is an accelerator to most careers and normally will place you in more senior positions. Not all people who get an MBA will be shot to the top of the career ladder, but it definitely will help you receive a promotion and increase marketability.


The network you will gain from an MBA program will be invaluable. From the friends you make during your program to the professors you will interact with, your network will become stronger after you leave. Many entrepreneurs find their team from their business schools. Also having great professors is a great resource for career advice or going into your how business. Finally you will meet many important contacts through summer internships, conferences, and forums.

We all know the top business schools around the world include Wharton, Harvard, London School of Economics, and HEC Paris but there are many good business schools right here in Africa.

Here is the list of top business schools on the African continent to make your choice from:

– University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business, South Africa 

– Lagos Business School, Lagos Nigeria

– University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa

– The American University of Cairo, Egypt

– The University Of Witwatersrand Wits Business School, South Africa

– Rhodes University Investec Business School, South Africa

– The University of Nairobi, Kenya

– The University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

– The United States International University, Kenya

– University of Ghana Business School, Ghana

Still contemplating? Share your thoughts in the comment box! If you are applying to any of the above listed schools, good luck with it and remember to share your experience with us!

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