Education has evolved from the conventional classroom experience, particularly with the launch of creative initiatives around digital literacy.

In recent times, digital literacy has fast become the primary form of information transfer and communication, taking over from letters, phone calls and even face-to-face interaction. Business transactions without face-to-face contact would have been rare twenty years ago. It is also key to teaching in order to provide the skills, knowledge and understanding for young people to enter the workplace, further education and higher education.

Creative, collaborative and recordable communications techniques are essential for the next generation to interact in social, cultural, economic and intellectual careers and life. It also improves student engagement and aids teachers by introducing a new and advanced digital learning experience in the classroom.

In twenty years from now, perhaps the reverse will be the case. But for today, learners/pupils need to be taught now which tools are effective and how to use them responsibly. And the only way to achieve this is by providing teacher training or teacher education.

The need for quality education with the use of modern technology cannot be overemphasized and it is against this backdrop that the Federal Government through the Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on SDGs and NTI decided to include this Special component in the SDGs capacity building for Teachers.

Teachers hold the key to making a true difference in the educational systems. The overall objective of the training program was to strengthen the teacher’s competencies at the grassroots level on the use of technologies to facilitate teaching and learning process.

The 3-day Digital Literacy Training, which was conducted in April 2018 in Nigeria, was managed by Axiom Learning Solutions Limited who were selected as the qualified Technical Consultants to implement the Training program across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria, including the FCT. The training involved selected Academic leaders from Primary and Junior Secondary Schools. It comprised of a classroom arrangement that accommodated all participants, practical assessments, case studies, syndicate groups for practical and learning simulation, participatory and activities oriented to ensure that experiential learning experience was constantly reinforced. The workshop also targeted school heads who are daily involved in school management, and who will then step the pieces of training down to teachers in their respective schools.

The programme was in two folds; a Direct Training and Step-Down Training. Academic leaders are selected from Primary and Junior Secondary Schools based on standardized selection criteria from 36 States and FCT to be the master trainers that will participate in the direct training. The master trainers will then step the training down in their respective schools to at least 10 classroom teachers. However, under these brief, about six thousand nine hundred practicing teachers who will not retire in the next three years are trained to facilitate teaching and learning process through the use of technology within the classroom environment.

Under this brief, the participants were trained on the practical use of ICT equipment to enhance instruction delivery, ability to provide education service that will enhance teaching and learning experience by exploring new technologies and applying them to learning contexts as well as technology integration that will stimulate effective school and classroom management. Each participant at the direct training was equipped with an Android Tablet with technology apparatus for effective and experiential learning and participation. Also, learning materials were made available for participants at the step-down training.

Axiom has solely conducted nationwide programmes that have involved over a hundred thousand (100,000) participants. Having successfully implemented several projects in the public, private and the third sectors across the 6 geopolitical zones of the country.

The DL training was implemented concurrently across selected centres in the zones; North Central, FCT, North East, Bauchi, North West, Kano, South East, Enugu, South-South, Edo and South West, Ondo State. The training which was residential and ran within the duration of three (3) days at geopolitical zone level with training centres at the selected State in each zone. The training was delivered in a conducive teaching and learning environment (hotel) for effective participation by participants.

With International best practice and operations Axiom Learning Solutions Limited implemented the training successfully and beyond every reasonable doubt, the training created the necessary positive impact to participants by providing the necessary skills, tools and practices with the use and integration of technology to ensure a seamless learning process.

Though teacher development is a continuous process, implementing new curricula and integrating new topics such as Digital Literacy in teachers’ daily routine calls for professional development, and for some time now teacher quality improvement has become an area of concern. But, Axiom stands out as professionals with the right skill set to address the developmental needs of the sector. The organization’s initiative is positioned to go a long way in ensuring that children attain the necessary skills for their respective ages. It will also provide the kind of knowledge that matches up to the Western world. Although technology is not the only source of information, it helps to expatiate on the scope of a student’s curriculum.

It is important to support teachers in developing their knowledge, skills and attitudes about (teaching) digital literacy. However, effectively supporting teachers in the professional development of teaching digital literacy requires that several conditions are met.

What you didn’t know about Axiom Learning Solutions Limited 

Located in the financial hub of Nigeria, Lagos, Axiom has designed and facilitated direct training for thousands teacher via innovative distributive e-learning across a wide range of learning modules, activity-based learning, classroom management, etc.

Each training provides the perfect platform for continuous professional development for educational professionals. One other aspect of teacher training is its usefulness in inducting new teachers, by leveraging the experience of older teachers – mentorship style.

Axiom Learning Solutions Limited was selected as a preferred partner to implement the 1st ever nationwide professional development training for teachers capacity building, which was centered on Digital Literacy. The April 2018 edition was a success implemented across the geopolitical zones of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. A Learning and Development Company and experts at designing, implementing and executing Teacher Training and Development across the globe. Axiom Learning Solutions Limited offers seamless solutions in learning and development and owns a geographical spread across Nigeria.

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