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Visual Storytellers

Through visual arts, cinematic videography, and storytelling, audiences travel into these creators' minds and around the world.

Tayo Aina by Adekunle Agbetiloye

Tayo Aina is one of Africa’s most prominent creators, captivating audiences with his Afrocentric tales of African businesses, brands, and tourism. This Lagos-based filmmaker and photographer has chosen YouTube as his primary platform to showcase the wonders of travel and lifestyle. Tayo Aina has set the standard for African travel vlogging and is a trailblazer in the YouTube community.

In an interview with Ventures Africa, Aina recounted his journey: “After completing school, I ventured into Uber driving. During that period, I started taking photos of places I visited in Lagos. A significant turning point occurred when I decided to create and share a video on Instagram. This experience ignited my passion for videography, gradually overshadowing my interest in photography. Motivated to enhance my video-making skills, I turned to YouTube as my educational resource, which has been instrumental in shaping my knowledge and abilities in video production.”

Aina fearlessly delves into the heart of Africa, sharing its captivating stories, from documenting major landmarks to uncovering hidden communities. Through his lens, Africa’s rich culture and history come alive, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of his audience. He makes the experience more immersive by employing voiceovers, interviews, and cinematic shots. However, these endeavours come with challenges. “Traveling can be quite costly, posing a financial challenge. Africa is the most expensive place to travel in the world. Also, Nigerians often face travel restrictions and blacklisting in several countries, so I initially concentrated on accessible destinations. To make progress, I targeted the ‘low-hanging fruit’ and began exploring various regions within Nigeria, an ECOWAS country. It was through these domestic travels that I gradually built my travel profile,” he explained.

What sets Tayo Aina apart is his authenticity and genuine passion for sharing his experiences. With a subscriber base of over 700,000 on YouTube, Tayo Aina’s creative ingenuity crosses borders, taking people to places they’ve never been. Aina boasts numerous videos, but he greatly values the impact of the narratives. “The ones I love are the ones that have an impact on people’s lives. While not particularly fond of receiving awards, I won the Future Africa Awards for content creation. However, I believe that true impact is not measured solely by awards but rather by the positive change we bring to people’s lives and the effect our work has on them. One video that holds special significance is the one I created about chess in the slums beneath the Oshodi Bridge. This video inspired a tremendous response, resulting in significant support and resources being directed towards the community,” he noted.

For Aina, the stories he tells and his videos aim to make a tangible difference, whether by inspiring individuals, uplifting communities, or shedding light on important issues. What truly matters to him is the impact on the lives of those who watch his content or are featured in it.

Fisayo Fosudo by Suotunimi Orufa

Seven years ago, amidst the era of YouTube’s glitz and glamour-dominated lifestyle content, Fisayo Fosudo explored uncharted territory, embarking on a journey to explore gadgets and transform his passion into a profitable endeavour. Although Fosudo’s fascination with content creation ignited at 17, he required additional resources to commit to content production fully. Enrolling in a graphic design course and specializing in user interface design deepened his appreciation for visual storytelling and the potency of imagery. This newfound perspective further stoked his interest in video creation, and he eventually amalgamated these skills to commence his YouTube content creation venture. While balancing a day job that allowed him to apply his skills, he dedicated his post-work hours to creating videos.

Initially, his channel attracted only about 100,000 subscribers within the first four years. However, it experienced an impressive 300 per cent growth rate in the past two years. In an interview with Ventures Africa, Fosudo remarked, “It was intriguing to understand the audience’s mindset and explore better ways to deliver value to them. I want viewers of my videos to find inspiration, gain knowledge, solve their problems, and leave with a sense of contentment compared to when they first encountered the video. When people comprehend a product better due to my videos, it brings me immense joy.”

Today, Fosudo has firmly established himself as Nigeria’s foremost expert in consumer technology. Armed with a diverse background in economic analysis and brand communication, he shines brightest in areas such as mobile technology, personal finance, and the intricate landscape of the Nigerian economy. Each of his videos is a masterpiece of visual storytelling, forging a deeper connection with his audience. He captivates them with his profound knowledge, charisma, and passion for each topic. He has amassed over 18 million views, and as of last year, he earned over $5,000 monthly from YouTube ad revenue alone.

Fosudo subscribes to the belief that prioritizing value over monetary gain is key: “There’s a saying that you shouldn’t think of money first; you should think of the value first, and I wholeheartedly agree. Whatever you do, figure out the best way to make it worthwhile, and it will pay off.” It’s nearly impossible to discuss successful niche content creators in Nigeria without acknowledging Fisayo Fosudo, and for this, he deserves his well-earned accolades.

Israel Obasola by Adekunle Agbetiloye

Israel Obasola’s Instagram page is a testament to his mastery of animation and illustration, captivating audiences with his unique style and storytelling. With a growing social media following of 421.4K on TikTok and 146K on Instagram, his artistic ingenuity shines through. This success, however, took time to happen.

“Creating comics has been a lifelong passion of mine, dating back to my childhood. However, pursuing it as a career came during the pandemic. With ample time, I immersed myself in exploring content creators and their work, and I decided to turn my animations into short-form content. TikTok was thriving at this time, so I started sharing my work there, and to my delight, it gained traction and resonated with the audience,” Obasola told Ventures Africa.

Based in the bustling city of Lagos, he draws inspiration from his surroundings and personal experiences. With each stroke of his digital pen, Obasola has captured viewers’ hearts and become a symbol of creativity, resilience, and social consciousness. Through his animations, he sheds light on societal challenges, including his involvement in the #EndSARS movement—a global movement against police brutality and corruption in Nigeria. Obasola has collaborated with prominent brands like Itel, Piggyvest, NairaEx, and Desperado.

Obasola takes pride in his unique animation style. “Every animator possesses their distinct style, and I have observed that my work is rarely mistaken for that of others. When I create animations for any brand, people immediately recognize my work and tag me, associating it with my name. This recognition is a testament to the distinctiveness of my animation style and its impact on viewers,” he explained.

Whether he is illustrating everyday situations, creating client content, or addressing pressing social issues, his work resonates with young and older audiences. When asked about what sets his content apart, he emphasized reliability. “Instead of merely presenting standalone comedy stories, I aim to tell relatable narratives in the funniest way possible. By infusing humour into relatable stories, I create a connection with the audience, allowing them to see themselves in the situations depicted and find amusement in the shared experiences,” he stated.

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