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Podcasters and Commentators

They say talk is cheap, and advice from strangers is a gamble. But these creatives have built empires doing both.

Dr. Chinonso Egemba (Aproko Doctor) by Ishioma Imokhai-Bello

Dr Chinonso Egemba, fondly known as Aproko Doctor, is Nigeria’s beacon of trustworthy health insights. He meticulously unpicks medical complexities, dispelling myths along his path. A certified medical doctor, he wields his expertise to weave accessible health wisdom. His mission echoes a simple truth: empower Nigerians and Africans for healthier lives. Against a backdrop of health folklore, his digital platforms emerge as modern oracles, bridging knowledge gaps. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, each post and video becomes a lifeline to well-being.

His voice carries authority yet dances light-heartedly, linking medical prowess with relatable dialogue. Navigating wellness intricacies, he transitions seamlessly from first aid to digestive health, mental well-being, and more. Amid rampant misinformation, Dr. Egemba is a sentinel of accuracy, a health demystifier. He embodies change, guiding from uncertainty to informed choices. He’s more than a doctor – a sage, guardian, and friend, illuminating the path to a healthier existence.

In terms of engagement, Dr. Egemba’s influence is palpable, with a fan base that spans various platforms. On YouTube, over 94,000 followers eagerly engage with his content, while on Instagram, a robust community of 1.2 million hangs on his every word. Meanwhile, his Twitter presence resonates with 2.2 million followers, and his insights are embraced by a dedicated audience of 676,000 on Facebook. Across a vast virtual landscape, Dr. Egemba’s voice resonates, fostering a collective journey towards a healthier, more informed existence.

Jola Ayeye and Feyikemi Abudu by Suotunimi Orufa

Jola Ayeye and Feyikemi Abudu, famously known as FK and Jollz, are a dynamic pair that command attention and captivate audiences like no other. First, there’s FK Abudu, an engineering graduate who rose from the depths of Nigerian Twitter, armed with a razor-sharp wit and an intoxicating love for wine and jumpsuits. And then there’s Jola Ayeye, a celebrated wordsmith and screenwriter whose creative prowess knows no bounds, whether she’s painting vivid stories with a pen or verbally. It’s little wonder when these two decided to start a podcast together, it immediately caught people’s attention.

As the name suggests, the I Said What I Said podcast features FK and Jollz fearlessly diving into the depths of the African millennial experience, offering unsolicited opinions and delivering hilarious social commentary. Every episode takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride as they fearlessly navigate the labyrinth of the typical African millennial experience, weaving together candid opinions, loud humour, and incisive commentary. Listeners are transported on a rollercoaster of emotions as they explore various topics, from personal anecdotes to trending societal challenges. Their agony aunt segment, which has quickly become a fan favourite, features them offering sage advice to fan mail in the most hilarious and relatable way possible.

In 2017, when Jola and FK started the I Said What I Said podcast, it was just them, a mic, and a devout audience left to their imagination. The pair were also the only one of a few to launch in Nigeria’s podcast scene. These days, you can either catch all the wit and humour via their video channel or at their live events. Their latest live show in London was initially supposed to be a day event, but the myriad of fan requests caused the team to extend it to two days. The bounce (an inside joke from their podcast) has come a long way, and these two deserve their flowers.

Gloria Oloruntobi (Maraji) by Ishioma Imokhai-Bello

Gloria Oloruntobi, aka Maraji, is a master of humour and wits. Her journey as a content creator started on Instagram in 2016 as a simple remedy for boredom. Her initial foray into content creation was lip-syncing funny voiceovers and popular songs by artists like Nicki Minaj and Reekado Banks. Popularity quickly followed as her artistry deeply resonated with a growing community of devoted fans.

With an alchemist’s touch, Maraji creates relatable narratives, each frame a nostalgic time machine. She transforms into various characters with accents and nuances, infusing her virtual stage with vibrant life. Her creations mirror the essence of everyday Nigerians, capturing life’s quirks and idiosyncrasies. Maraji’s artistry goes beyond mere reflection; it embraces, amplifies, and weaves reality into a comedic fabric. In her world, truth and deep-seated humour dance harmoniously.

Maraji, a discreet luminary, shines brightly, untouched by the allure of fame or the pursuit of collaborations. Her bold, unfiltered voice addresses life experiences, products, and events, sparking excitement and lively conversations among her fans. In an Instagram post, she humorously declared, “Don’t come near me when I am watching a romantic Kdrama scene,” eliciting enthusiastic comments. A fan, @yywan_, responded in agreement, “I pause scenes to absorb the moment and react accordingly.”

Maraji’s journey embodies creativity, authenticity, and shared joy. Her imagination has earned her partnerships with renowned brands and widespread recognition. She won the Comedy Prize (2017, 2018) at The Future Awards Africa and Comedy Act (2018) at the City People Music Awards. She currently boasts a vast fanbase of Nigerian and international audiences on YouTube (547,000), Instagram (1.5 million), Twitter (138,800), and Facebook (66,000).

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