On Friday, November 19, 2021, Torilo, a tech startup in Nigeria, headquartered in the UK, launched a business tool to support businesses and teams. An all-in-one productivity tool that provides a suite of seven applications every business needs to drive efficiency and growth.

At the event on Friday, the team mentioned Bizedge is in the tech space to support businesses in Nigeria that are struggling with finding a business management tool that entirely captures all their business needs. What these businesses clamoured for was an all-in-one tool that integrates key units of their business and helps generate insights that drive better decision making.

The product manager, Aderinola Adebanjo explained that this tool “is a necessity as statistics reveal that approximately 50 per cent of MSMEs do not make it to the fifth year of their existence, and it’s largely attributed to poor management, finance and staff challenges. Torilo built BizEdge to support businesses and teams; empowering entrepreneurs to build solid businesses.”

The productivity tool, BizEdge, was built because of a desire for a tool that improves the management of business operations. Speaking at the product launch, Joe Odunayo, partner at Torilo Group, explained the need for a tool that could cater to core business needs and provide insights for better decision making.

Product Manager – Aderinola Adebanjo

He revealed he had worked with HR, accounting and operations departments at several multinationals around the world, so he knows that good productivity tools exist and create efficiency in supporting rapid business growth. However, when he began running multiple businesses in different sectors, he and his team found it challenging to find an all-encompassing business management tool.

According to Odunayo, the tools that were available and within market reach could only handle one business unit at a time, and that meant running multiple integrations and more cost as each solution had to be paid for individually.

BizEdge, the one tool for business operations

The CEO/Head of design, Torilo Nigeria, Oluwaseun Farinre, revealed that BizEdge came to be because of the desire to give businesses and teams access to an efficient tool that is robust yet simple to use. He said: “The BizEdge suite comprises apps that interact with themselves seamlessly. From the people management module that simplifies employee management to the accounting module that makes running bookkeeping and invoicing easy so anyone can do it. Not forgetting the payroll and asset management modules, this is a productivity tool for every growing business and team.”

Bizedge Team

He admitted that: “With BizEdge, businesses would be more efficient while also saving money as they have all their tools in one place. With all these apps in one place, working between apps for insights and wholesome information becomes easy and fast. Also, users do not have to think about paying for different tools and integrating them.”

BizEdge opened early access to users on the 29th of October, 2021 and had its first press conference on the 19th of November, 2021. The team assured that more tools for productivity will be released soon and business owners should be on the watch for them.

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