case you missed it, check out the first edition and second edition of The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit. I wrote about Google Docs and Dropbox under the Storage Corner, and the Tablet under the Gadget Corner.

This week, I have decided to tarry in the Gadget corner because of the common error made by entrepreneurs as regards discarding mobile phones as soon as they purchase a first tablet. If it’s a dumb phone, you still need it to make those calls and send those text messages. Except your tablet can do that, keep it!

Let’s Talk Smartphone

And what if it is a Smartphone?  Keep it closer to you, as it may just be what you need in that desperate time when you need to send that file, or reach that contractor, or even book that flight ticket. So many times my Internet Service Provider (ISP) mess up when I just need to send an urgent document (that comes  with a deadline). Instead of panicking, I simply transfer the file from my PC to my phone, attach to a mail and send.  There are limitations, such as size of file, and even network service, but let’s be honest, it works one time or the other and this is such a relief.

Looking at the terrain, here are recommendations as regards which Smartphone you should consider adding to your toolkit:

  • BlackBerry
    Why? Simply because of the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) available, especially BlackBerry Messenger, Email service, Social Networks and Browser. There is also a large network of users on the continent, so most of your contacts have one. The Bold series – especially the Bold 4 seem to fit the terrain.
  • Android Phone
    Maybe it’s just me, but I noticed developers just love to create apps for the android marketplace – which is one of the biggest by the way. So lots of apps for an entrepreneur to choose from, plus the phones are not that bad themselves. I’m sorry, but iPhone just isn’t made for Africa. #NoFurtherComment.
  • Nokia (Not Windows) Phone
    They come ready to be used under the harshest of conditions – including falling a thousand times. Dual SIM models and music editions also provide a number of options to the entrepreneur. They also come with fantastic battery life – perhaps the most important feature.

Conclusion of the Matter

Phones are getting smarter and could save the day when the PC and tablet fail due to one reason or the other, so get yourself a Smartphone and maybe a dumb one too. Next stop? CMS and that’s not the popular bus stop in Lagos, Nigeria, but instead Content Management System like blogs, portals, and website. Till then, Adi-bye-bye

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BlackBerry Bold 4
Nokia 3310

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