Yes, you are an entrepreneur. It’s time to get a blog. It’s all about self branding, and this could go to affect the product or service you are offering. Consider it an avenue to advertise yourself and what you do. I’m not saying start a blog strictly to publicize products or services (you can always have a blog tab on a website for that), but I recommend a blog where you get to share your opinion, resource you stumbled upon, and other stuff worth sharing.

A common complaint any entrepreneur will have for ‘not blogging’ is not enough time, but that’s no excuse, especially if it’s going to add value to your brand in the long run. Nonetheless, here’s a piece from @SOluwatobi about ‘How To Blog With Little Or No Time’. He did do justice to share tips on how to not only start blogging, but how to sustain it. After all, why start if you won’t go through with it?

If you are convinced to start blogging and just don’t know how to start, then check out ’10 Free Blogging Service You Could Subscribe To’

Don’t forget to share your link when you set up the blog!

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