Last year, I wrote a piece on top gadgets and apps for entrepreneurs, but… ‘This sounds familiar’ – you say. Yes. That’s because it is the same way I started the first edition of The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit. If you have not read it, then you should, as I wrote about Google Docs and Dropbox under the Storage corner, since ‘cloud’ computing is a now a trend and not just a buzz word.

I would suppose some, if not all that read the last post, have checked out Dropbox and Google Docs; but how did you do that? What device did you use and what was the experience like? So in some form of continuity, I have decided to dash down to the gadget corner and recommend the best devices to use as an Entrepreneur.


The Gadget Corner

Where does one start from as regards the number of gadgets out there? One would think my focus on mobile devices for entrepreneurs will narrow down the options, but it really doesn’t. I did read in an IEEE pamphlet that the half-life of cutting edge technology is shrinking geometrically. Computers are not exempted, as that happens to be the basis of technology – at least to users (including entrepreneurs).

Aside the traditional desktop or laptop PC, which is a must-have for any entrepreneur, the Tablet is something that makes the toolkit complete, in the sense that it’s a computer-on-the-go with lasting battery span, and compact size, not only for working but for staying connected to the internet at the same time. The tablet is the bridge between the desktop/laptop PC and the mobile phone.

Although there are so many Tablets out there including: RIM’s PlayBook, Amazon’s Kindle (Fire), Encipher’s Inye, and many others, the two I’ll highly recommend are Apple’s iPad 2, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. Well, you may want to hold on for the ‘new’ iPad,  taking cost into consideration. Don’t ask me to choose one for you or declare the best one of these two. I’d advice you test both, and get the one that gives you the best user experience, as you’d be stuck with this device for at least 20 of your daily 24 hours.

The Common Error

Don’t throw away your mobile phone yet, because, it’s getting smarter. I often hear entrepreneurs, or techies generally, say they don’t need a Smartphone once they have a tablet. Well, that’s not true, especially in this part of the world – or any part of the world for that matter. So I’d be sticking to the gadget corner to see which Smartphone should be in your toolkit.  Till then, adi-bye-bye.

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