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Aisha Ibrahim Tilde, Head of Global Business Expansion at Fuspay Technology, has explained how business intelligence and fintech are connected. She also highlighted how it has empowered the Fintech sector to make effective business decisions.

“Business intelligence is empowering organizations across a range of industries and is essential in today’s competitive market. The market for fintech is becoming extremely competitive. According to a KPMG report, investments decreased in 2016 and investors are now less likely to wager on markets that are approaching saturation. Over the past two years, involvement in the segments of lending and payments has increased,” She says.

Aisha Ibrahim Tilde, Head of business global expansion at Fuspay Technology.
Aisha Ibrahim Tilde, Head of Global Business Expansion at Fuspay Technology.

Business intelligence is becoming more and more important for businesses across all kinds of industries and locations in the rapidly evolving world of technology in order to convert their data into information and then further into knowledge. In order to make effective and efficient business decisions, leaders need to be able to identify great business trends and detailed insights into what is occurring inside their organizations. The use of BI solutions by small to large size enterprises worldwide is driven by its capacity to pinpoint growth opportunities, generate real-time insights, and make agile decisions for competitive advantage.

In contrast to other sectors, FinTech is a global marketplace with intense competition, making it crucial for firms to maintain a competitive edge through an efficient BI approach. The performance of their services and user behaviour is being monitored by FinTech companies nowadays in order to boost their competitive advantage and promote innovation and value generation. Modern FinTech sector executives have the ability to take control over unequalled knowledge and information driving all business areas when business intelligence solutions are correctly implemented.

Today you will discover that most of the financial and banking institutions are moving towards financial technological solutions. It is presently almost mandatory to adapt to finTech and hence getting the best out of it is eventual. The key to the success, productivity, and profitability of a company is obtaining the maximum value from these solutions. And one of the key resources to accomplish this is business intelligence, which is currently the most well-liked and in-demand technology (BI). Despite the fact that business intelligence services have long been a staple of many major industries, finTech hasn’t fully embraced them, leaving a vast opportunity for those who are eager to get started right now. A competitive advantage over those that are still considering how to implement their finTech solution exists.

In order to offer fintech solutions using fintech interoperability, fintech companies like Fuspay technology have already adopted BI solutions. This allows API-driven solutions to be bundled together, resulting in a product that requires little internal development of time and increases instant payment services.

Finally, Business intelligence (BI) has emerged as one of the most powerful and modern information-based tools to disrupt the way FinTech organizations will leverage massive data produced on a day-to-day basis. But still very few leaders in the FinTech industry are being able to create value with the true power of BI tools and solutions. Right now is the perfect time to embrace the possibilities of robust BI solutions as a driving force for your FinTech organization’s growth and success with a trusted technology partner.

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