South Africa-based developer Lebogang Nkoane has launched a public transport service route manager application,, to ease movement by commuters.

The app will provide public transport service users, estimated to be over 10 million in South Africa, with the an efficient means of reaching their destinations, and is accessible online and on mobile phones including blackberry, android phones and iphones.

It allows commuters to input their location and potential destination, after which the app generates several public routing options, allowing users the opportunity to choose their preferred route.

The Johannesburg born 36 year old developer revealed that the service is presently only available in the country’s top cities because they were identified as ideal locations for which the system could be tested.

“Currently, it provides routing in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town city centres as well as Gautrian, ReaVaya and MyCiTI routes. These areas and routes were chosen as the basis for proof of concept and served as the testing grounds for the validity, accuracy, and relevancy of the application,” he said in an official statement.

He however explained that the ultimate dream was to provide public transport routing throughout all of Africa by mid 2014.

“In the end, I am hoping to realise, as twisted as it will sound, what Cecil John Rhodes wanted to achieve: a way to move from Cape to Cairo preferably using public transport as car ownership is still a distant dream for the majority of our people,” Nkoane added.

The app developer revealed he worked tirelessly for 9 years to ensure the delivery of a user friendly service, often testing the website himself and on friends who frequently patronize public transport systems.

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