Bureau of Circulation shows daily newspapers in South Africa are recording more loss in sales. According to the report, daily newspapers have lost about 90000 buyers over the past year.

“The data for October to December last year show that daily newspapers sold 97000 fewer (-6,7%) copies compared to the same quarter in 2010,” writes Trevor Neethling, of Business Day, South Africa.

The newspaper industry will further loose to digital products, in advertising and circulation, predicts Caton Media, a South African publishing and printing group.

Some of the newspapers affected includes the Star, which decreased by 17% in daily sales and 10% in total circulation; Daily Sun, which recorded 8% fall in sales and circulation.  “Afrikaans newspapers Beeld, Burger and Rapport saw total circulation fall 12%, 4% and 10%, respectively.”

However, in spite the bleak environment for the industry, some other newspapers experienced a rise in sales.

The Times, a serious competitor to The Star, increased its daily copy sales by 12700 to 42000, a 42% increase. Its subscription base also grew but this has drawn criticism because it is linked to subscriptions of the Sunday Times, its sister newspaper.

Source: Business Day South Africa

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