creator, Mark Shuttleworth today explained on his blog information on how the notification system in the Ubuntu operating system will work in the near future.

Shuttleworth said  the modified, smarter notification system will no longer interfere with the indicator menus, when/if users invoke them. There will also no more sound notifications when using the next/previous track buttons in the sound indicator menu, and the notification will be put on hold if users move the mouse around the area of a notification.

Qouting Shuttleworth, “…when you’re interacting with an indicator menu, we shouldn’t pop up the notification. Since the notification system, and the indicator menu system, are separate parts,”

“For example, if I’m moving the mouse around in the area of a notification, we should be willing to defer it a few seconds to stay out of the focus. When I stop moving the mouse, or typing in a window in that region, then it’s OK to pop up the notification.” He added.

Click here to read more on Mark Shuttleworth’s blog post.

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