Samsung Electronics South Africa demonstrated strong market positioning in 2011, and on the back of what is expected to be a strong year for the brand locally, today Samsung announced its official IT Solutions and Samsung Business teams, which will head up and drive both the retail and commercial markets into 2012 and beyond – an overall team that is highly skilled, professional and understands the markets in which it operates.

Samsung rejuvenates IT Solutions and Samsung Business teams

Says Thierry Boulanger, Business Leader for IT Solutions and Samsung Business at Samsung Electronics South Africa: “There is no doubt that the Samsung Business and IT Solutions brands are growing substantially – given our business solutions market offering, and of course, our leading market positioning within the retail sector – and it is for this reason that we need to rejuvenate the team and bringing fresh ideas on board, and realign our workforce to ensure that we are fostering a culture of skilled professionals who understand the business and retail markets and how to maximise hereon.

“The retail sector is still a key priority for us, and as a result, we will continue to grow and sustain our momentum in this space, with continued efforts in marketing, retail relations and consumer understanding,” continues Boulanger.

“However, as part of our larger focus for the brand this year, we aim to move strongly into the commercial business sector as well, which we believe will be the growth engine for our business – where our product portfolio supports this premise completely.”


Retail commitment, commercial focus

The Samsung Business brand encompasses a range of products and solutions from notebooks and monitors to air conditioners and tablets and is focused at the commercial sector as a business solutions provider. Further to this, the retail side of the business will remain substantially focused on driving growth and maximising opportunity within the consumer space – which is a critical market for Samsung considering the continued growth and revenue generated here.

“The new Samsung IT Solutions and Business teams are divided into different market segments to ensure that we are doing just this – servicing the retail sector while building our brand image within the commercial space. This is an opportunity that we believe we can maximise on through innovation and solid delivery,” adds Boulanger.


Team sustainability, expansion a priority

The Samsung IT Solutions and Business teams comprise professionals optimised to increase the brand’s market share and drive forth brand awareness from both a retail and commercial perspective. While these teams are optimised for maximum impact within the market, Samsung will still be looking to expand on these teams as and when the need arises, based on demand and any increased functional requirements.

“I am confident that my team is highly skilled with a solid understanding of the market and what our customers expect from us, which is a stringent foundation for our business model. As a result, I look forward to working with the team in elevating the Samsung brand and continuing to demonstrate leadership in the retail sector for 2012 and beyond,” concludes Boulanger.

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