Rwanda based online store, Kasha is expanding footprints into Kenya, as it seeks to finally cement its influence in the region. Founded in 2016, Kasha is an e-commerce store that caters specifically to women in Africa.

Kasha has been in operations for over 3 years, competing with other notable brands like Jumia and MyDawa in Rwanda The brand is distinct because its major focus is on women, providing them with health and personal care products such as facial creams, sanitary products, contraceptives, HIV self-test kits, among others.

Its expansion into Kenya is strategic for the brand as well as the country. According to 2018 statistics from United Nations conference, Kenya has about 2.6 million online shoppers, coming third in Africa after Nigeria and South Africa.

While the market is an attraction to Kasha, Kasha’s expansion will also promote women empowerment and reduce the stigma attached to the purchase of female products.

Kasha will be proffering solution to some of these issues by making e-commerce available to consumers at all socioeconomic levels, serving a range of customers from women living in poverty to the working class women at a subsidized price different from the market.

Over time, women in many African countries have constantly faced stigmas and discrimination regarding the purchase of female products. Several campaigns have been raised towards producing quality sanitary products, contraceptives for women and most importantly seeing that these products are affordable to most African women. According to a report by the Guardian, 65% of women and girls in Kenya are unable to afford sanitary pads, hence having a menstrual period is considered to be expensive for girls in the country.

Countries like Tanzania have found a solution to some of these issues, including the removal of Value Added Tax(VAT) totally on feminine hygiene products to meet the demand of everyone, especially low-income earners. Kasha is looking towards bridging this gap for all women in East Africa.

The platform has enabled thousands of women to access a range of women’s health products while guaranteeing confidentiality and quality in Rwanda, and this progress is predicted to make a remarkable impact in Kenya.

The company generates revenue through the delivery and marketing of other products on their platform. Kasha has been supported and funded by several investors and grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and looks towards partnering with logistics firms in Kenya, such as Sendy and Tez logistics, to aid fast delivery.

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