Poverty has declined from 56.7% in 2005/6 to 44.9% in 2010/11 in Rwanda surpassing the target of 46% end of this year. – National Institute of Statistics, Rwanda.

Approximately 1 million Rwandans emerged from poverty in the last five years benefiting from stable economic growth supported by better policies at hand.- National Institute of Statistics, Rwanda.

Benchmark against 10 points, the ration of inequality between the rich and the poor in Rwanda has reduced to 6.36 in 2010/11 from 7.1 in 2005/6. – National Institute of Statistics Rwanda (NISR).

Improved agricultural production, agricultural  business, farm wages employment, increased off-farm jobs, money transfer from family to friends, slowing population and improvements in basic infrastructure such as roads and electricity have helped Rwandans break from poverty shackles. – Third Integrated Household living Conditions Survey by national Institute Of Research rewards (NISR) in Kigali – February 7,12.

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