Sequel to the recent dispute over who makes ‘Jollof rice’ better, Nigerians vs Ghanaians is making its round again on Twitter. Both countries, behave a bit like siblings and have more in common than they’d like to admit, which may be why rivalry occurs between them so frequently. Here’s an overview of the most recent three battles between the sister countries:

#Azonto Vs Alingo

The dance step ‘azonto’ originated in Ghana and was made popular by Samini- a musician. In 2013, Samini took to twitter to accuse Psquare (popular Nigerian musicians) of copying the azonto dance step, renaming it and making it their own. Oh the drama.

#GhanaMustGo In June 2014, over 200 Ghanaians requested asylum in Brazil, the 2014 FIFA world cup host, claiming that they were fleeing inter-religious conflict in their home country. Nigerians immediately took to twitter to condemn the act.  

#Jollof Rice

Just last year, a group of Nigerians and Ghanians sued the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver for ‘miscooking’ their beloved jollof rice and this earlier this year, they locked horns about who cooks the best Jollof. Seen as a West African staple, Jollof rice is considered the king of meals in both Ghana and Nigeria and though there are always talks about who makes it better, Jollof rice originated from the Wolofe tribe in Senegal.


This is the latest of the Nigerian/Ghanaians clash on twitter, which seemed to have no central cause, just nonsensical bashing.

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