Although we are in the 21st century, radio still remains the main source of daily news in Nigeria rather than social media/internet. This was revealed in a recent survey by a country-specific polling service in West Africa, NOI Polls. While the findings buttress the rising embrace of social media in Nigeria and the world, they do not discount the growing significance of social media as a news source in the country.

According to the survey, about 34 percent of Nigerians surveyed affirmed that ‘radio’ is their major source of information while television and social media accounted for 27 and 20 percent respectively.


The result of the survey illuminate that the use of radio as means of daily news is mostly true for residents in the north east, north west and south east of Nigeria.

Even though radio is the main source of information, its use declined by 18 percent in 2015, while the use of social media for daily news increased by 14 percent.


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