Nobody, as long as he moves about among the chaotic currents of life, is without trouble- Carl Jung

I am deeply saddened by the loss of lives my nation, Nigeria, has experienced in the past few days. Particularly tragic is the passenger-plane crash that occurred yesterday in Lagos, claiming perhaps more than 150 lives. May God grant the families of the departed the fortitude to bear the pain occasioned by such a colossal loss.

For me, it is a reminder that life itself is a risk. While it helps to have the best of governments and the finest of medical care, bad things may still happen. As entrepreneurs, business managers and leaders (of our selves, families and communities), it is our responsibility to envisage such situations and plan accordingly. I wish to suggest a few tips:

As Entrepreneurs and Managers:

¨      Never cut corners with safety issues. The amount you are trying to save will become insignificant if there is a disaster.

¨      Ensure that you have good insurance policies for the most critical aspects of your business.

¨       Always have a Plan B. There should be contingency plans to keep your business afloat in case there is a bad occurrence. Also, there should be clearly outlined recovery plans your business would follow in case of disaster.

¨      Fire drills and equipment are particularly important. Invest time and funds into ensuring that your company is properly positioned to fight fire incidents.

¨      In Africa, it helps to maintain good relationships with key emergency-operation offices such as the police, the fire services, hospitals etc. Ensure that you have contact numbers and if possible, they should be familiar with the location(s) of your business operations.

In your Family:

¨      Invest in assets that can be transferred to your loved ones in case of any eventuality

¨       It is particularly important to plan ahead for the education of your children. This may be through trust funds, your will or investments. And no, you are not too young to make such plans.

¨      Ensure that everyone in your immediate family is familiar with important details of your life. They should know your phone number(s) by heart (as you should, theirs). They should also know details like your full name, blood group and genotype, work address, habits…

As you work hard in building your business or career, never forget to enjoy life. Who are the most important people in your life? Let them know! Create time to take them out and share happy moments. If you have conflicts, make efforts to resolve them as soon as you can. Life can be very short!

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